Nederlanders zoveel mogelijk op de fiets

Dutch people as much as possible on the bike

Dutch people as much as possible on the bike

Dutch people do as much as possible by bike. Once you have children, you want to continue doing this. It's understandable that you have questions about safely transporting your child on a bike. In this blog, you'll read about when your child can be in a bike seat, what you need to pay attention to, and that a bike is not just practical.


When using a bike seat, it's very important that your child can sit independently. Before that time, there are other safe options to transport your little one. Another important aspect is that your child is heavy enough for the bike seat. The weight your child should have varies per seat. Once your child becomes too heavy to sit in front, it's no longer comfortable to cycle and it's also not safe. This is from 15 kilos. You can then transport your child at the back.This has a maximum weight limit of 22 kilos (Hermans, n.d.).


What should you pay attention to

As described above, you should buy a bicycle seat that fits your child's weight. In addition, it is important that the bicycle seat is equipped with spoke protection to protect your little one's feet. There are a few more things you can pay attention to in order to safely transport your child on the back of the bike. If you attach the bicycle seat to the luggage carrier, you should attach the bicycle seat to the frame of your bike with a rod. With special covers for the springs of your saddle, you protect your child's fingers. Read the manual carefully and make sure the bicycle seat is properly secured. If in doubt, you can also have the seat secured by the bicycle mechanic (Hermans, n.d.).

 On an adventure

Cycling with your little one is not only practical, it can also be a lot of fun. Think, for example, of a ride along the meadows to look at the animals together. You can also enjoy the spring sun or the colored leaves in the fall together. Being outside is very healthy for both you and your child.


You certainly don't have to give up your cycling culture with the arrival of children. Whether it's a practical ride or one to create memories, going out is always a good idea. Wishing you many safe kilometers with your little one!


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